Compass, the LGBT community center of the Palm Beaches, is hosting its fifth annual Women’s Wellness Conference, a health-centered educational event for heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian and transgender women on Aug.17.

The day-long conference will feature speakers including doctors, mental health professionals and social workers. They’ll focus on specific health topics like meditation, co-parenting, intimate partner violence and more, according to Compass Health Services Coordinator Lysette Perez. 

“Conversations like this are important because other events focused on women’s health are usually for providers to learn about advances in medical care for women. Other events that cater to women consumers tend to focus on the social aspect of being a woman,” Perez said. “This conference is unique in that it provides information about health care and healthy habits directly to consumers.”

The day’s presentations will largely focus on health barriers that LBT women face. A National Center for Biotechnology Information study found that non-heterosexual women experienced more difficulties accessing services than other women. 

SFGNhas previously reportedother health challenges LBT women experience, like: 

  • Transgender people at risk of reproductive cancer after sex reassignment surgery
  • Transgender women facing higher HIV rates
  • Receiving less routine healthcare screenings and tests 
  • Discrimination from healthcare providers

Perez hopes the conference will be an educational experience for those who aren’t told about all their medical options and what they may be at risk for.

“The conference provides an opportunity for access to providers and health information in a safe environment, allowing attendees to ask questions and establish healthy habits,” she added. 

Different health services will be available for attendees to talk to and learn from. There will be free HIV testing, counseling, linkage to care and screenings for blood pressure, glucose and bone density. 

This marks the first time Compass used direct audience feedback to determine the Women’s Wellness Conference schedule. “Community partners” and last year’s participants called the shots for this year’s activities and speakers via post-event surveys, Perez said. 

Other exhibitors include massage therapists, chiropractors, insurance companies, pharmacies, social services, and LBT entrepreneurs. Lunch will also be provided.

The conference goes from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Compass. Tickets in advance until Aug. 16 are $15, and tickets at the door are $20.