The Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Wilton Manors City Hall and Public Safety Building was held Thursday night with a crowd of over 200 people.


Mayor Gary Resnick welcomed the crowd and spoke briefly before turning the microphone over to the city commissioners.  Vice Mayor Justin S. Flippen gave an eloquent statement about the vision of the leaders of The Island City of Wilton Manors, which is reprinted below.

"This is a proud and historic day for our city. And for many of us, today marks a once in a lifetime experience."

"While I was not a member of the city commission when we officially broke ground for this building, I and many other community members were there at that groundbreaking event. Today, as your public servant and Vice Mayor, I am honored to witness a cycle come full circle and see our city hall completed."

"I am reminded by the words of antiquity that where there is no vision, the people suffer. A previous commission gave birth to the vision of this new city hall. The current commission and the hard work of our city manager and dedicated staff made sure that vision became a reality. The people of our city deserved a city hall that was better equipped to serve them. And now they have it."

"From this point forward, Wilton Manors City Hall and Police Department stands proudly on our city's main Street, Wilton Drive. It stands here as I and my colleagues, many of our city staff, and our police department are before you now, reminding everyone who passes by or walks through its doors that this is the Island City of Wilton Manors and that this building and we who work within it are here to serve you."

"From residents to business and community leaders, to elected officials past and present, thank you all for joining us this evening and for all you have done for the betterment of our community. I am proud to be a part of city history today, and I know you are too."

'May the vision that brought us to this day motivate us all to take pride and part in the history, the growth, and the future that has come and will continue to come to our Island City of Wilton Manors, so long as we have the wisdom to seek it."