A popular Wilton Manors watering hole has closed down months after a ruling it was responsible for defrauding Alibi owners Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete.

Last year, SFGN published a series of articles involving the contentious litigation between Alibi owners Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete, and the former owners who sold them the bar, George Kessinger and Terry L. Norman.

As the case wound its way through the court dockets, Judge Carol Lisa Phillips made a number of findings reaching the conclusion that Padgett and Negrete were wrongly defrauded by the actions of both Kessinger and Norman.

Judge Phillips found as a matter of law that Terry Norman specifically breached the non compete agreement he had entered by forming a business relationship with Matty’s on the Drive.

Eventually, Judge Marc H. Gold enjoined Norman and Matty's from any further employment, consulting, management or financial transactions with each other.

The ongoing court battle ended with a consent judgment where Matty’s was liable to Padgett and Negrette for three quarters of a million dollars. The ruling finds that Norman engaged in  “intentional, malicious, and willful acts” designed to cause harm to the plaintiffs.

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