One Square Mile is a documentary series that explores society within the microcosm of a single mile. The square miles range from the urban setting of New York City with 66,880 people living and working in a single square mile - to rural Texas with 275 people living in a sawmill community. This week, an episode on Wilton Manors, Florida is available to view online.

The filmmakers, Carl & Elizabeth Crum (a young husband and wife team) decided to place special focus on the gay community in Wilton Manors.  Some familiar faces from our little gay mecca make special appearances and talk about their perceptions of the Wilton Manors lifestyle.

“By investigating what is small and personal, it shows us what we have that is universal, for better or worse,” says Richard Ross, an artistic photographer.  The show gets very personal indeed – most would stop the cameras when a lady cries for a deceased pet or might not be rolling yet as two men are grooming each other in the mirror.

The show also has a knack for getting at some information that everyone wants to know – including the residents who already live here and experience Wilton Manors every day. For instance, what kind of person became the owner of Java Boys after the couple opened it sold it?   What kind of mannerisms does that police chief have who was in the news? Who runs that big dry cleaning business that’s always been on the corner at 5-points, or ahem… that gay newspaper just a block over from it.

The couple interviewed everyone from gay bar managers, to catholic priests… to a little old lady who burnt her bra for feminism.  Who knew we lived in such a fun little town?

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Make sure to notice that they have a little donation box in the upper left hand corner of the site and it looks like it could use some love…  Traveling all over the country to film documentaries just isn’t as cheap as you might think! You can even purchase a DVD copy of the video to watch when it’s no longer available online.

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