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There will be plenty of marvelous tricks and treats this Halloween at Wilton Manors’ infamous event Wicked Manors. For those of you who don’t know what this over the top event entails, let’s just sum it up in three words: costumes, dancing and fun.

Since its inception in 2007, Wicked Manors is a Halloween event so big that the streets of Wilton Drive are closed off. The event is comprised of various costume contests, DJs, elaborate décor, and more. Each year, a theme is attributed to the event. The theme of this year, you ask? Freak show, which seems to coincide with the infamous American Horror Story’s newest and fourth season.

“Think circus sideshow meets Halloween street festival and you’ve got Freak Show – Wicked Manors 2014 which promises to be bigger, better and freakier than ever before!” said Doug Cureton, Wicked Manors Co-Founder and Event Chair. “From the moment you arrive on Wilton Drive, you will be transported to a magically freakish celebration with over the top costumes, décor, music, flash mobs and costume contests with our main stage diva emcee, Miss Misty Eyez.”

Yes, you read that right – the one and only Miss Misty Eyez will be gracing the streets of Wilton Manors with her over the top fabulousness and crazy sense of humor. In short, there will be plenty of glitter and raunchy jokes to keep you entertained all night long.

Worried you won’t win a costume contest? Don’t be – there will be a grand total of 8 costume contests on the main stage as well as contests in the numerous nightclubs and bars along the drive. When you’re not trying to compete in costume contests, music from DJs will have you dancing till you carry your shoes and walk home barefoot. But please, don’t do that.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this year marks the second annual Wicked Manors flash mob, featuring hot jams such asRick James' "Super Freak" and "Le Freak" by Chic. Tito Abdelredo will again be choreographing the event with stellar dance moves.

Proceeds from this wickedly awesome event support crucial programs and services granted by the Pride Center, a non-profit organization and charity that “celebrates, nutures and empowers” the LGBTQ communities and individuals in South Florida. For over 19 years, Pride Center hosts over 60 regularly-meeting groups each month that aim to support, educate and encourage socialization to those involved.

If you attended or heard about last year, you would know that Wicked Manors ended early because of weekday noise ordinances (in 2013, Halloween landed on a Thursday). Fortunately, this year is on a Friday, so no noise ordinances will be in effect. All the more reason to engage in festivities!