A workshop held June 24 in Wilton Manors to, in part, help people “understand white supremacy and how it hurts everyone” was disrupted by a white nationalist group.

As first reported by Miami New Times, The Segu Racial Justice Institute, led by Lutze Segu, held the workshop in the Wilton Manors Gallery on Wilton Drive which is operated by the Stonewall National Museum & Archives. Segu considers herself “a social justice practitioner” and stated her goals include building stronger communities and eliminating racial injustice.

The white nationalist group, Identify Evropa, made its way into the event and silently held up a sign that read “No Regret We Apologize For Nothing” with “Identity Evropa” at the bottom. According to Chris Rudisill, Stonewall’s executive director, the group left as soon as they were asked. “We informed them to leave and that the event was private and not open to the public,” wrote Rudisill in an email to SFGN.

Rudisill said he believes the group was “trying to incite fear in the attendees and the general community” and that Stonewall is committed to ensure the safety of patrons and community members along with the museum’s archives and collection. He added that this was the first instance of a protest against LGBT people of color in a Stonewall facility and that his organization would continue its tradition of standing up for the rights of all members of the LGBT community.

“Hate affects all of us when it is allowed to penetrate those areas that are most openly part of a safe and affirming community. As our mission explains, we are committed to promote understanding through preserving and sharing the proud culture of LGBTQ people and our contributions to American society. While Saturday’s event was not an SNMA program, we find it essential that we continue to provide space for intentional conversations around issues that affect our community – and that includes dialogue around social justice for all LGBTQ people,” wrote Rudisill.

The Southern Law Poverty Center, an organization that identifies and tracks hate groups, stated Identify Evropa is one of the white nationalist groups emboldened by the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump. To join Identify Evropa, members must have “European, non-Semitic heritage.”

The organization, which often promotes and participates in white nationalist events, including an attempt to stop the city of New Orleans from removing its Confederate monuments, claimed that the workshop was anti-white. It took credit for the disruption on social media.

“Today, Identity Evropa activists protested the Segu Racial Justice Institute, a seminar promoting anti-White rhetoric and ideas,” tweeted the organization. Identity Evropa bills itself as “an American based identitarian organization dedicated to promoting the interests of People of European Heritage.”

Segu, under her Twitter handle @FeministGriote, also took to social media to express her anger over the disruption of her private event and her fear over what the group might have done. “Yo, I really thought they were going to open fire on us. I don't wish that feeling on anyone.”

In two separate tweets, Segu wrote “I am still processing the event and don't have the words, but do know that this is us . . . white nationals are emboldened.”