(EDGE) A man said he was beaten and called gay slurs while walking his dog in South Beach Friday. After reporting the attack to Miami Beach police Saturday, officers are investigating the incident, the Miami Herald reports.

Kenneth Wilcox, 45, told police he was walking his dog around 5 p.m. Friday in South Beach when two men walked by him and said, "You're a fucking faggot." He says one of the men then grabbed him from behind and punched him in the face and all over his body, a police report obtained by the newspaper claims. 

Wilcox, who says he thinks the attack was motivated by hate, added one of the men then said, "All faggots need to die and we're going to make sure they do."

At one point during the attack, Wilcox passed out and was reportedly laying on the ground for hours before someone called for help. After waking up, he went home and went to sleep.

Wilcox told police he went to the hospital on Saturday where he was told he had some internal bleeding, fractured ribs and a concussion, the report says. 

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told the Miami Herald authorities are labeling the incident as an "aggravated battery investigation" and will turn their findings over to the State Attorney's Office "who then determines if they will prosecute as a hate crime."

"There's no question in my mind that it was a hate crime," Wilcox told the Miami Herald. 

NBC Miami reports Wilcox told police the two men were black and that one attacker was 6'1" to 6'2," about 160 pounds and had a shaved head. The other man was about 5'9," about 160 pounds and also had a shaved head. Both suspects were wearing jeans and t-shirts.