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A recently posted TikTok has gone viral showing a woman inside a Miami Starbucks accusing a lesbian of raping children. 

“Is lesbianism ok?” the woman asks.

“Yeah,” the person behind the phone says. “No it isn't,” the woman responds back.

“Why?” the cameraperson asks. 

“Because you touch children,” she said. “You rape children.”

It’s unclear from the video what started the altercation.

The TikTok got reposted on Twitter where it went viral with over 13 million views on one tweet.

Another account, Miami Against Fascism, retweeted the post with this caption: “Let’s make this homophobic Karen famous. Spotted in the wild at a Miami Starbucks harassing a lesbian couple — she’s just begging the internet to name her.”

No one immediately came forward to reveal who the woman was.

In later tweets, MAF writes: “A clue: We believe she’s known and has been spotted at anti-Planned Parenthood protests. Update 2: Social media rumors suggest this homophobic Starbucks Karen is a Miami attorney. Does anyone have a name?”

Later in the video the woman tells the cameraperson “you’re all evil,” “do you know who I work for?,” “do you know who I am?,” and “you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.”


Interaction with this lovely lady in Miami

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