Hollywood Police Officer Gathers International Support in Job Fight

Within hours after SFGN broke the ground-breaking news feature, “A Gay Cop Fights Back,” websites from USAToday.com to MSNBC.com picked up Mikey Verdugo’s campaign to take back his job as a Hollywood police officer.

Fired for shooting a porn movie in 1996, five years before he ever became a cop, an arbitrator ruled last month his firing was legal. Verdugo said he is exploring with counsel his legal remedies and wants to challenge the determination in court.

Meanwhile, the SFGN story has been seen on websites and blogs as far away as Australia and Singapore.

Locally however, the story has been featured on South Florida networks, and now in the age of Internet Journalism, a Facebook Fan page has been set up espousing Mike’s battle.

The Facebook page, “Mikey Verdugo Fights Back” quickly gathered broad community support, signing up over 700 fans within its first 72 hours.

Said Verdugo, “I have done countless TV interviews and been on radio stations from here to England. I really owe the public support to SFGN, for being the first to launch my story. I had no idea that this would have caused such a huge snowball effect, thus making this global news in two days.”

Using the nickname his friends and TV fans from HDTV know, the Facebook group “Mikey Verdugo Fights Back” has resulted in an outpouring of support from straight citizens and gay activists everywhere.

“It’s amazing what SFGN has done for me,” said Verdugo. “The amount of positive feedback I am getting is incredible. I would like to thank all of my family, friends, and loyal supporters for being by my side during this difficult time in my life. If not for them, I don’t know where I would be today. Also I would like to express my gratitude towards Norm Kent who believed in me and my story.”

“I have never been so inspired to participate in the fight for fair and equal rights until now. Since this story went global, I am receiving countless emails, letters of support, and hearing stories of unfair treatment as a result of a person’s sexual orientation.” Verdugo added. “I realize how many people everywhere have also been exposed to homophobia and discrimination still.”