Velvet Lenore’s ‘Heart of Dance’ Takes Place Saturday  

Velvet Lenore. Photo via Velvet Lenore, Facebook.

Palm Beach County’s record of community collaborations for charity will continue Aug. 24 at drag queen Velvet Lenore’s “Heart of Dance.” In partnership with Urban Generation, a South Florida event company, Lenore will present the show at the Lake Worth Playhouse and help fund kids’ performance and dance classes. 

Heart of Dance is a collaboration between five local dance studios: Danceworks, Loud Live Productions, District 561 Company, Boundless Dance Company, and Fabulous Feet Dance Center. Lenore and Urban Generations’ main goal is to host an event that unites the performing arts community with all ages and various styles of dancing — whether it be tap, hip hop, or ballet. 

Heart of Dance will be one of the first major dance events for some of the young performers.

"It is our vision to create a safe environment for kids that can not afford to participate in dance classes, competitions, and performances by allowing them a platform to perform under the spotlight,'' said Lenore. "Especially with the Florida Ballet closing, which is where I had the privilege to train, we feel the spirit and unity in the dance community has left Palm Beach."

Lenore has raised money for HIV/AIDS research in the past as well as for the transgender community. Lenore has been one the most-sought after performers in South Florida. She’s been performing for years at venues all across Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

"Now that I am established in my dance career and my life, it has been a dream of mine to do the same for other kids in this community," Lenore said. "I was one of those kids and I had a dance family help me with my start in dance because they believed in me the way that we believe in these kids". 

Urban Generations specializes in bringing professional and novice entertainment training, raising awareness for foundations, and giving back Urban Generations is led by owner Yolanda Cook. 

Heart of Dance starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are still on sale and range from $15 to $20. For more information on how to get tickets, contact visit the Lake Worth Playhouse website at