On March 9, Vandal Warehouse, a new LGBT-welcoming club, bursts on the West Palm Beach nightlife scene, and with it comes some exciting entertainment options for not just the gay crowd, but those of any sexual orientation that are looking to have a good time. 

The club, located at 1109 Old Okeechobee road in West Palm Beach, kicks off the fun with an "A Darker Shade of Gay" event next Thursday. Club owner Greg Maliff-Ortiz told SFGN the event will be the jumping-off point for what he hopes is an exciting new nightclub option for the community. 

“As we get started, we're theming nights. An event we just held featured DJ’s competing to bring the dance floor alive,” Maliff-Ortiz said. “Next Thursday, March 9, is the ‘A Darker Shade of Gay’ themed event. Our hope is to let everyone know we are more than just a gay-friendly nightlife option, but also a partnership that loves all people, regardless if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, trans, curious, etc. We're trying to promote a new and exciting venue that has never been available in West Palm Beach.” 

Vandal -- planning to be open to the public on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. with an after party scheduled until 7 a.m. -- will exist as a bottle club on most nights. Patrons can bring their bottles, sign an agreement on the way in, and they’ll hold it for you while you party. The club will offer various specials on mixers and “storage fees” most every night. 

“Every night will be open to all,” Maliff-Ortiz said. “Sure, there will be themed nights catering to specific crowds to start, but that won’t be all we are about. We're just trying to get everyone accustomed to a bottle club and what it means. At the end of the day, once you're a member, you're part of our new exciting dance club that caters to everyone.” 

Unfortunately, Maliff-Ortiz and Vandal haven’t received the warmest welcoming party as they announced their upcoming existence on the West Palm Beach scene. In fact, Maliff-Ortiz was recently kicked out of a competitor’s establishment for inquiring about a possible cross-promotion partnership in the future. 

“It's sad,” Maliff-Ortiz told SFGN. “I'm only trying to provide a new open space for everyone to have a great time without driving south all the time. What hurts the most is that I was following the rules. Although I don't understand why we can't all get along as a community, I respect others wishes. I was hurt by it, yes, but I’m determined more than ever to provide our community with a fun and safe environment.” 

Guests are sure to be more welcoming that the competition once Vandal gets up and running. That all kicks off starting March 9. 

For those seeking a taste of what Vandal has to offer, check out their Facebook page or call 954-798-4393 for more info.