College Choice released this year’s top 50 colleges for LGBT students — and only one Florida school made the list.

College Choice — an online publication that helps students choose the right college — created the list to help LGBT students in the “overwhelming process” of choosing schools. The University of Central Florida, ranked 42 for their programs and services with a College Choice score of 77.8.

“To succeed academically it’s important to succeed socially; it’s important to think holistically about your well being while in school,” the publication wrote. “We at College Choice have assuaged some of the difficulty in the search by researching the country’s fifty best colleges and universities for LGBTQ.”

According to the site, UCF made the list because their LGBTQ task force is dedicated “to foster greater opportunities for LGBTQ students to succeed at UCF and beyond, to create programs and experiences that educate the UCF community on queer and trans issues, to organize conversation around LGBTQ history and culture, and to make a space where further resources can be added to the programs in the future.”

The school also has an Alliance Mentoring Program that connects LGBT staff, faculty and their students. Other programs include trans visibility week, Pride Chats and more.

College Choice ranks “best” schools by their non-discrimination policies, comprehensive health care, campus safety hate prevention, LGBT-inclusive faculty board, inclusive LGBT curriculum and a “vibrant” resource center.

The schools ranged from Ivy Leagues to liberal arts colleges and more. The list compares academic reputation, affordability, student satisfaction and average salary of graduates. The numbers come from the schools’ websites and from websites such as Campus Pride Index, U.S. News & World Report and The National Center for Education Statistics.

The top three schools on the list are Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire.

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