(EDGE) A Donald Trump field office recently opened up across the street from Pulse, the gay nightclub where the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history took place on June 12, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The newspaper reports the location is located on the 2000 block of South Orange Avenue and "dozens of chairs were set up and signs backing Trump were on the doors and windows, including 'Hispanos con Trump,' 'The Train Trump' and 'The Silent Majority Stands with Trump.'"

The newspaper adds a memorial for the 49 victims in the shooting can be seen from the new Trump office. The campaign would not confirm or deny if the office was set up by the Trump campaign itself or by a Republican group supporting the GOP presidential candidate, however.

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"The Trump campaign is in the process of opening 25 offices across the state," spokesman David Chiokadze told the Orlando Sentinel. "However, we are running a coordinated campaign with [the Republican National Committee] and the local county [Republican Executive Committees]. So there will be many more offices in addition to our 25. All of which exist to support Donald Trump."

The news of the new office comes after Trump has been criticized for attending and speaking at an ultra-Christian event, where Christian conservatives and evangelical pastors gathered. The National LGBTQ Task Force's Deputy Executive Director, Russell Roybal, blasted the event last week.

"Holding this event is an insult to the victims and families of those innocent people who were murdered barely two months ago. Decent people everywhere will be appalled," he said. "Stirring up homophobia and islamophobia is wrong at the best of times but to do so when the entire Orlando community is still grieving and recovering from the Pulse tragedy, is beyond distasteful.

"Donald Trump may have mentioned the LGBTQ community in his acceptance speech which some people interpreted as a positive signal to our community - despite the vehemently anti-LGBTQ views of his running mate Mike Pence and the Republican Party platform," Roybal added. "But now Donald Trump and Marco Rubio plan to breathe the oxygen of publicity into an openly anti-LGBTQ event, joining some of the most notorious anti-LGBTQ people out there. Haven't the people of Orlando had enough?"