Travel agents David Brams and Diane Hickey sponsored this week’s Coffee & Conversation program at Pride Center.

The couple own World Cruises & Travel, a Tamarac based travel agency. Before their presentation, Hickey said they are not gay but had been to the Pride Center several times and “loved” the experience.

“We’re here because we believe travel when done properly can promote tolerance,” said Hickey.  

Hickey said Hurricane Irma had brought people together out of necessity and that style of community doesn’t last.

“Pretty soon people are back in traffic yelling at each other,” Hickey said.

By exposing people to new ideas through unique travel experiences, World Cruises & Travel can make a difference at the grassroots level, Hickey said.

Brams said the company offers three types of travel: individual, group and hosted. Hosted trips, Brams said, are the most fun. He listed Morocco, China, Cuba, Italy, Greece and Africa as travel destinations.

“Our tagline is ‘Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach’,” Brams announced.

Prior to the sponsor presentation, several Pride Center staff members grabbed the microphone. Rob Shore, HIV testing and outreach coordinator said 11 work days were lost as a result of Hurricane Irma and the center needed to increase its testing numbers to comply with its Department of Health contract.

Betty Gambino, representing the League of Women Voters, encouraged the senior group to call their U.S. Senators and tell them to vote against the Graham-Cassidy health care bill.

For more information, contact Bruce Williams, Senior Services Coordinator at 954-463-9005, ext. 109.