For years talent competitions like "American Idol," "RuPaul’s Drag Race," and "The Masked Singer" have been making superstars and household names overnight.

Palm Beach County is gearing up to hold its own competition, “Queers Got Talent.” The talent competition will take place on Feb. 10 at Compass Community Center in Lake Worth Beach. Transpire Help is the hosting organization and creator of the event.

“We wanted to give our community the opportunity to shine and show off talents that may otherwise go unrecognized," said Donna Weinberger, CEO of Transpire Help.

“The local queer community suffers daily from oppression and discrimination, so a night of celebration and showcase is well deserved. We choose Compass because it's a safe, familiar, and comfortable space for us as an LGBTQ community."

Transpire Help is a registered 501(c)3 founded in 2016. The organization assists with resources necessary for individuals of the LGBT community to create a solid foundation for healthy and fulfilling lives. In addition to providing resources, TH provides funds for housing, behavioral health services, access to qualified healthcare, life-saving interventions, as well as many other opportunities. For 2023, TH is truly dedicated to making sure that they serve as many LGBT members as possible. They also continue to uplift visibility and representation through related events and impactful fundraising.

TH is all about giving back to the community. In fact, the idea for the event came from one of the recipients of their scholarships. Faithful volunteer George Lydon is playing a huge role in facilitating the event. Adding more fundraising and programming was something TH focused on with the launch of events like Fashion on the Block and Drag Bingo. This year, TH will celebrate the third year of its all-inclusive Pride on the Block celebration.

“I'm a person who has always been behind the scenes in spaces of art and performance, long before founding Transpire Help and Inspire Recovery,” said Weinberger. “I am always looking for ways for others to experience the same joy I have always enjoyed and feel a sense of purpose from.”

Not only is TH impacting the community when it comes to programming, but they also are making major gains with political statements. They will continue to build relationships with the justice system and provide much-needed services to justice-involved persons. TH had many great success stories working with the justice system. Those successes allowed TH to serve as a re-entry program by means of treatment, housing, and several other services. With the re-entry program, TH is able to actively connect folks to trauma-informed affirming care. So far, TH is amazed at how well the results have been. They look forward to more opportunities like these and others in the future.

For the competition, performers are not just encouraged to sing or dance, TH is welcoming talent of all kinds. There will be specific categories for the performers that will include Drag King & Drag Queens, Spoken Word, Design, and dance, just to name a few. One thing that sets this event apart from similar competitions is that they will allow voguing as a category. The first place winner will receive $100 while the second plant winner will get $50. Guest judges include Deshon Allen, Director of The Palm Beach Capo Cheerleaders, and Drag Performer Lupita Hollywood. The event will be hosted by entertainer Malaja Storm. All proceeds benefit the services and resources that TH provides.

Interested performers can sign up by visiting and buy tickets at