The Southern Comfort Transgender Conference comes to Fort Lauderdale on Aug. 15-17. For the fourth year, the forum hosts a series of workshops, networking events, and discussions in South Florida. The conference takes place at the Riverside Hotel.

"Our conference attendees get to experience invaluable sessions and networking in a fantastic, cosmopolitan destination,” said Charlotte Kibert, President of the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference, in a pre-released statement. “Fort Lauderdale’s authentic and welcoming vibe makes all the difference, and we value the opportunity to work together to support and provide resources for the transgender community.”

The conference aims to empower and educate trans individuals on issues of health, family, relationships, sexuality, and much more. There are several workshops on makeup, issues before and after surgery, and several social events. During the conference, participants will also have the chance to experience Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife, dining, shopping, and more. The annual event attracts people from all over the U.S., offering the opportunity for education and social interaction.

Val Barnes is the keynote speaker. She is best known as the first person to out actor Jeffrey Tambor for sexual harassment on the set of the critically acclaimed TV show “Transparent.” Sarah McBride, national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, will also appear at this year’s event. She was one of the first openly transgender people to work in the White House. McBride recently announced plans to run for state senate in Delaware.  

Attendees can register for the entire event or only Saturday’s program.

For more information on the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference, please visit produce and run the conference.