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The Unity Coalition will unveil a new exhibit that displays the work of transgender artists June 8-11. The exhibit will travel to Miami, Miami Beach, and Wilton Manors.

“Transart showcases the talent, vision, and possibilities within the transgender community,” said Unity Coalition President Herb Sosa. “Transart brings together a collection of talents, individuals, and artistic genres to create awareness, nurture aspiring artists and enlighten the general population about the many layers of this community. We felt that the transgender community was lacking an event that truly showcased its many rich layers and talents, and are committed to bringing this to the world.”

The exhibit is meant to act as an annual celebration of the transgender community’s artistic talents, as well as serving as a way for those who identify as a trans to express themselves.

"Transart showcases the talent, vision, and possibilities within the transgender community." — Herb Sosa, president of the Unity Coalition

The Unity Coalition understands that artists comes in all shapes, sizes, and disciplines, not to mention sexual and gender identities, so they are accepting art in a variety of forms, including; painters, writers, photographers, dancers, singers, and designers.

Sosa told SFGN his group felt there was a lack of opportunities for those artists who identify as transgender, so three years ago they made it a point to open some of those doors that had for so long been closed.

Sosa said the Transart event is inclusive and should be a great time for those who attend. It’s sure to raise transgender awareness, as well, which the Unity Coalition feels is vital.

“Transart has a full and exciting schedule of events from Thursday, June 8 through Sunday June 11th - from the Gaythering Hotel, Miami Dade College Wolfson campus in downtown Miami and culminating in Wilton Manors at Stonewall Gallery,” Sosa said.

“The important thing to remember is that Transart is for everyone. The best way for us to understand each other and expand our tolerance, care, and compassion for each other, is to actually get to know each other. What better way to do that than one-on-one through art, education, and fun - Transart gives us that!”