A mainstay of Gay Days in Orlando for more than a decade, the incredibly popular Tidal Wave party has been canceled for next year.

Organizers say the host hotel has blatantly broken their signed contract and is backing out. The Avanti Palms Resort told that, despite a signed contract for 2023, a change in rental policies means they won’t host the party.

In an email exchange posted on Tidal Wave’s Facebook page, the hotel said they are changing the way they book large groups.

Avanti management went on to say, “After weighing the options, unfortunately, we will not be moving forward in executing the agreement due to the contracted concessions they are agreeing to for both 2023/24 moving forward with a large wholesale room night guarantee.”

They then wished Tidal Wave a good day and encouraged them to keep them in mind for future events.

Gay Days and One Magical Weekend is the first weekend of June in Orlando. The area is always packed with LGBT visitors, so finding another hotel that has enough rooms and the facilities to host Tidal Wave is almost impossible at this late date. While organizers are still looking, they say it’s not likely.

“With this sudden update in place and no alternative options for a host hotel, we have decided to cancel Tidal Wave 15: Ohana. This is a difficult decision that has brought us great sadness as we were all looking forward to another exciting year together.”

The bear-centric party began in 2009 and made an immediate splash on the Gay Days weekend. Gay Days itself will still go on and it should be noted that none of the theme parks are at all related to the hotel or its sudden cancellation. Organizers say they’re already working on future Tidal Wave parties. 

“Thankfully, we have another property secured for our 2024/2025 seasons and will provide more information as we come closer to launch for 2024.”