The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council’s annual Winter Fete, held last weekend on the island of Palm Beach, was a smashing success raising more than $75,000. That’s more than twice the amount they raised last year and that event was the most successful in its history.

“For the first time in our history, we have a war chest on hand that could be used to deal aggressively with anything that might pose a threat to Palm Beach County's LGBTQ community,” said Rand Hoch, President of PBCHRC. “We had a record number of benefactors and sponsors.”

The event was held at the home of James Berwind and Kevin Clark, who underwrote the event. More than two hundred people attended.

“It was a very emotional evening for me,” Hoch said. “Our work for the past year and a half on banning conversion therapy countywide, as well as in eight Palm Beach County municipalities, really hit a chord. Gay men especially, some of whom had been forced into conversion therapy as teens, were particularly grateful for the work we did to educate elected officials and the public of the harms still being in our county in this day and age in our county.” 

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