The High Fashion of Miss Pride Palm Beach 

Last week, Compass co-sponsored one of the glitziest pageants Palm Beach County will see all year — with Katalena Davenport Dupree taking home the crown. Here is SFGN’s official fashion rundown highlighting all the top moments from the show that took place on the Lake Worth Playhouse stage.

The entertainers

Last year’s Miss Palm Beach Pride, Rianna Petrone, performed the opening act, which was a Jennifer Lopez medley of “Waiting for Tonight” and “Let’s Get Loud” — all while sporting silver metallic thigh-high boots and a matching fringe metallic bodysuit. “I’m just excited to see what the next girl is going to bring to the table,” Petrone said. “I’m anxious to see what they represent themselves and how they capture the true art of drag.”


After a hot performance from Petrone, Miss Palm Beach Pride 2017, Tayanna Love, serenaded “Hero” by Mariah Carey to the audience. Her stunning floor length canary yellow sheath gown, featuring the most beautiful gathered long sleeves was the definition of “diva.” 

Pageant host Melissa St. John and Velvet Lenore also joined in on the fashion fun with matching emerald green dresses and tons of personality to match. St. John performed solo in an iridescent cardigan-style dress that left little to the imagination. Lenore, who will be celebrating her fabulous 47th birthday in March wowed the crowd with her yellow chiffon gown, accentuated with silver applique. Lenore showed off her soft and theatrical side as she performed “No Ordinary Love” by Sade.


Moments before the ladies showcased their formal wear, special guest performer and judge Midwest All-American Gent Antonio Edwards lit up stage in an arousing rendition of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston wearing black slacks and a allover gold sequin blazer. 


The contestants 

The first segment of the evening, presentation, was all about personality. Contestants were challenged to pick one color that represents them, or the entire rainbow and express that through their outfits. 


One of the most daring outfits showcased the entire rainbow, which came from contestant Anahi Santos. She entered from stage right in a full rainbow jumpsuit complete with black platform heels and a matching belt that cinched her tiny waist. She finished her ultra-glam look with a red curly wig and statement earrings. One of the biggest trends of the pageant was red; most of the contestants strutted in red in at least one category. 


Contestant Lupita Hollywood showed exactly why she has been doing drag for thirteen years. Her red sheath gown was the obvious winner upon first glance. Hollywood represented the LGBT community with her sprawling rainbow wings and matching headdress. Hollywood told SFGN that all her outfits were custom-made. 


Although each contestant held their own, SFGN is still swooning over the high neck gold sequin long sleeve gown, with horsehair hem and silver back panels worn by contestant Adelaide Queen, who earned second place overall. “I wanted my entire look to be very refined. I’m a total showgirl, so I wanted to use softer makeup versus anything over the top,” said Adelaide, whose pageant dress was originally made for her drag mother Sky Bickett. 

Adelaide accomplished that showgirl attitude during the talent portion when she did a striptease number to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends,” covered only by a diamond-studded bra with lace panties and stockings. 


Contestant Vasti Love Montana stood out from the competition during the talent portion simply because she changed three times. She entered the stage with a red tiered coat, then she transformed into a dress that was made like the Puerto Rican flag. Just when you thought she was done…and tired, she then de-robed the dress and revealed a black latex bodysuit and matching thigh high boots. Not only did she provide a magnificent performance, it was also revealed that she did her own makeup throughout the entire pageant.


The best of the best 

Dupree walked away the winner of Miss Palm Beach Pride. With so many stellar moments during the pageant, it’s hard to tell when the judges fell in love with her. Maybe it was when she side-stepped her way to the stage in her form-fitting blue metallic sheath, featuring a high slit. Or, it could have been the fully-embellished maroon form fitting evening gown that she wore during the formal scene. 

She co-designed the dress, did her own makeup (and other contestants’) in the pageant. Whatever the outfit, one could not deny the electrifying performance Dupree gave when she did “Last Dance” by disco diva Dionna Summers. Her performance included several flips, dips, and high kicks, all while wearing thigh-high red boots along with a floral bodysuit.


No matter the amount of sparkle, or the height of hair, each contestant wore the most important accessory: courage. Compass is inviting you to its annual Pride Celebration on March 30. Expect to see a performance from the newly-crowned Compass representative Dupree.