The Grille, Formerly Tropics, Opens on Wilton Drive

As employees were still sweeping and hosing down the sidewalk in front of The Grille On The Drive, the bartenders and waiters inside were already taking drink and food orders. The restaurant’s sign also went up as the staff got to work.

On Friday afternoon, The Grille opened its doors for the first time. It sits where Tropics was located for 25 years before it closed last year.

Wilton Manors’ newest restaurant, located at 2000 Wilton Drive, is owned by Paul Hugo who owns The Manor, also on Wilton Drive.

Former Tropics owners Alex Meyer and Godfrey Thompson leased the building to Hugo. Meyer stated that the goal was to reopen Tropics but that they had to focus on other issues and thought it best to let someone else open a restaurant in its place.

WMG Grille2

SFGN was at the opening and the comments from customers were positive. Alex Pittman said the menu and the redesigned interior looked great. He was having a vodka and soda at the bar when he talked to SFGN. “I can’t wait to come back for dinner.”

Pittman said he was a fan of Tropics but he’s glad a restaurant was brought back into the same space but with a different name. “It was an institution here,” he said about Tropics.

The Grille features two bars, a piano in the nightclub area of the restaurant, and salad bar. Along with liquor, wine, and beer, the menu also offers steak, seafood, veal, burgers, sandwiches, Italian cuisine, and more.

SFGN talked to Jason Sims before he had a chance to try the new menu and he was most impressed at that point with the way the restaurant looked. It was, he said, an improvement over Tropics. The Grille was “beautiful, gorgeous . . . brighter” and, most appreciated by Sims, there were “no pink lights.”


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