Only 2% of LGBT Population Respond

The LGBT Task Group of Broward County, with the partnership of United Way of Broward County, GLCC Pride Center, Sunserve and Broward Department of Health launched The Count on June 21, 2009.

The Count is a first ever comprehensive web based census and needs assessment of the LGBT community in Broward County. The Census, which closes on March 30 will be presented and shared with the Broward community at large including LGBT organizations, health and human service providers and Broward County Government.


Dave Wallace, Co-Chair of the LGBT Task Group of Broward states, “The goal for the census project is that it will provide hard data that will highlight the real versus perceived needs of the LGBT community.” Furthermore, “It will help organizations identify gaps in services, and provide justification for grant dollars and funding requests for local government, non profits organizations and health and human service providers.”

All LGBT individuals are encouraged to participate to insure that our voices are heard.

Currently, only a mere 2% of our community have participated in the census. The final push for participation in will take place at PrideFest. Wallace mentions, “Volunteers will be passing out palm cards at tables of our LGBT Task Force partners, in a last minute effort to increase participation.”

If people are unable to attend PrideFest, they can still take part in The Count and help make a difference in the community by visiting