The Box Gallery Welcomes Artist Dr. Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet

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Palm Beach County’s Box Gallery was voted “Best Gallery” in 2018. Their 7thAnnual Black and White Party would probably be a major reason why. West Palm Beach Beach Curator Rolando Chang Barrero brought the community together to celebrate the Cuban Diaspora by showcasing Dr. Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet performance of  “Eggungun, the Orisha of the Ancestors.” 

Guests were treated to a night of culture, filled with moments of brotherhood and sanctity. More than 100 people showed up decked out in their artistic black and white attire ready to view thought provoking pieces of art. 

“I’m so happy you guys could be here tonight,” gallery curator Barrerro told the crowd. “Cuba is such a small place, but when we come together, we pack a strong punch.” 

Guests were treated to special treats all night. The music for the evening was provided by eclectic DJ L’il Marsh. She had the tough task of making sure guests were having a good time. Along with the Latin music and good vibes, partygoers were also treated to some of the best Cuban food like rice, beans, yucca, and a roasted pig for pulled pork. Other treats came in the form of performances. 

Cuban Reggaeton singerEl Chamako RikeraandKarolayMeme Ureñathe fabulous performer from San Jose, Costa Rica.There were also several visitors from Cuba; guests included artist Carlos Javier Camacho Albert and ex political prisoner of Cuba Alejandro Fuerte, who recited a poem he wrote to accompany the Shroud of the Cuban Sorrow which he painted while he was in jail. Scotland-based artist Hope London and Public Art Manager of Boynton Beach Debby Coles Dobay also joined in on the festivities. 

The esteemed guest of honor, Dr. Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet captivated the on-lookers as they witnessed a performance that shows just a glimpse of his 3 decades of academic studies, his virtuosity, and his passion towards being an expressive storyteller.Egg gun, the Orisha of the Ancestors, is a performance mired in symbolism and ancestral remembrance. In many cases the audience adds to the intimacy by providing a voyeuristic presence. Ferrera Balanquet is an accomplished interdisciplinary artist, writer, researcher, educator, program director, curator, and Fulbright scholar.   

The Havana Cuba native obtained a Ph.D. from Duke University and an MFA from the University of Iowa.  His many contributions to art have made him one of the most revered artists of the Mariel Generation and a member of the Centro de Escritores Yucateco AC. 

Throughout his creative matriculation, he has showcased his artworks and published his critical and literary investigations in Australia, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the United States, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Romania, Turkey, England, Brazil, Venezuela, Holland, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Shortly after the performance, Ferrera Balanquet got on the microphone and dedicated his entire performance to all his friends in Havana living with AIDS.

Box Gallery is the 2018 winner of SFGNs Best Gallery Award. The Black and White Party has become one of the premier events for Barrero. Judging by the turn out and the appreciation for art from the partygoers, Box Gallery might be winning the award again next year. Barrero said he believes it is time to initiate a more powerful international dialogue in the arts that allows our artists acclaim in the world arena. In the last few decades fine art has been relegated to the conditional state of trends in the market place, resulting in very serious losses of development and advancement, he said in a recent statement to West Palm Beach Magazine. Barrero also stated that “West Palm Beach is no longer just a tourist destination, but a world class city and the responsibility of the cultural institutions, the art galleries, the art centers, and our museums is to reflect that.”