The gay community of South Florida suffered a heavy loss this past week.

Terry M. Cain, 53, the talented actor and husband of Lyman James Buff (also known as Electra), passed away at the University of Miami hospital after a long illness.

Terry’s last days were documented on Facebook, with around the clock posts by Electra. Hundreds cheered them on for a recovery that never came. Hundreds of followers celebrated Terry’s life and career as an entertainer, commemorating his passing with notes of love and caring.

“Terry shed such a light on and offstage to all who knew him. His smile and laughter was infectious and could instantly pull you out of a funk,” said Jayde Howard. “A true gentleman we will all cherish.” Joanna James added that the “theater community has suffered an incredible loss today, all too soon.”

Kelvin Amburgery, who acted with Terry at Morehead State University, added “We loved him onstage and off.... a beautiful performer and person with a heart as big and glorious as his voice.” A 1979 graduate of Paris High School in Kentucky, Terry studied theater at Morehead State.

“He may be gone physically, but his light will still radiate to all of us for many years to come,” Sam Streich commented. While David Nagy added “Terry’s beautiful baritone voice brightened our church choir every Sunday…I would give anything to hear it one more time.”

Terry passed away at the University of Miami hospital just as ‘Electra’ was getting ready to spend the summer performing in Provincetown. He was amazingly adored and loved for his kindness and professionalism, his inspiration and personality.

In one of his last posts, Electra shared his faith in God, stating, “At this time can we all pray together? We thank you Heavenly Father for your many blessings and have faith that you know the best paths that we should take, Please guide our Terry through this critical time, and all of us on our journey.”