Update: The event was rescheduled for later in September. Keep those tastebuds warm and palettes cleansed. Foodie Freaks’ culinary event is just around the corner.

The 14th Foodie Freaks event is set for July 26 with the location remaining a mystery until 24 hours before the event, Foodie Freaks founder Julietta Wenzel said. The event is an opportunity for local chefs to break away from standard American fare.

“They get one night that they get to have as much fun as they want, and whatever their imagination can dream up, the chef can make,” Wenzel said.

Wenzel also said she doesn't know what will be served until the day of the event, but the menu is typically made up of small portions with around six to 10 courses. When the menu is revealed, each meal is made only once and is never reproduced.

“The people that attend these events, they’re world travelers, they're people that like adventure and excitement, so it's an opportunity for them to have a once in a lifetime meal,” she said.