Suzanne Boisvenue Wants You!

The Oakland Park City Commission will be looking at an agenda item in September which would define housing regulations in terms of square footage instead of the archaic and prejudicial terms of hetero-normative family relationships.

Vice Mayor Suzanne Boisvenue encourages residents of Oakland Park and surrounding areas to come together to share their support for this much needed change on Wednesday, August 4, 2010. The Oakland Park City Commission will hear from residents who wish to speak at Oakland Park City Hall at the beginning of the meeting.


Currently, Oakland Park defines a “family” (via laws enacted in 1999) as “One (1) or more persons residing together in a dwelling unit as a housekeeping unit which shall not include more than three (3) individuals unrelated by blood, marriage, or adoption and shall not include any paying guests.”

This current “definition of family” is biased in that it prevents gay couples from being effective Foster Parents to more than one child and prevents even married heterosexuals from fostering more than two. There is no reason to prevent ANY fit parents from being good foster parents, provided that they have the resources and square footage to offer a nice home to children in need.

Boisvenue’s recommendation to the City Commission is to base the housing regulations on what’s best for the children via “square footage” regulations instead of a pre-conceived idea of what makes a family.  She encourages the local community to come out and support her endeavor on Wednesday the 4th at 6:00 PM.

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