Suspect in Alibi Chihuahua Theft Apprehended in Pennsylvania

Alibi Chihuahua Left Suspect Apprehended

Last July, Brian Dortort celebrated a friend’s birthday party at Georgie’s Alibi in Wilton Manors.

He went to the party with his real best friend, Hudson Hayward Hemingway, a chihuahua he adorned with pink earrings. The cute, cream colored dog was a hit at the party, no Dame Edna, but distinguished and notable. He was showing off the tiny puppy when one of the dog’s admirers grabbed it and disappeared, dog in tow.

The theft infuriated many of the guests and Wilton Manors police officer David Jones. “You just don’t steal someone’s pet and expect to get away with it.” Identified in part by tattoos on his arm, the suspect in the case, Channing Reynolds has been arrested in Pennsylvania, albeit on unrelated charges.

All signs indicate that Wilton Manors will prosecute the theft of Dortort’s dog, and they will be petitioning to extradite the alleged culprit to South Florida for arrest and prosecution. There is no happy ending yet, the dog has not been found, but Dortort has adopted another, Hudson Hayward Hemingway, II.

We wish him luck and hope the accused person, if found guilty, finds himself in a dog pound all his own.

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