Supreme Court Issues Emergency Order – Castrataro Suspension Effective Immediately

George Castrataro. Photo via George Castrataro, Facebook.

The Florida Bar’s Petition for Emergency Suspension of George Castrataro was granted on Thursday morning, April 16.

The highest court in the state of Florida ordered his immediate suspension from the practice of law,and prohibited him from removing any monies from any of his trust accounts.

In addition,Castrataro has been disallowed from acting as the personal representative for any estate,guardian for any ward,or trustee for any trust.

Further,the Supreme Court required him to immediately furnish a copy of his suspension order to all clients,all the opposing counsel in any cases,judges in any courts where he is attorney of record,along with any banking institutions he uses related to his law practice.

The court’s order appoints a new attorney to step in as a referee,and inventory all of Castrataro’s cases. Meanwhile,Castrataro has been ordered not to issue any checks or release any funds from any trust account without the permission of the Supreme Court or its designated referee.

In addition,the Court,which had last week held him in contempt for failing to comply with its order to produce trust account documents, again ordered him to do so, saying it was necessary for the Bar’s completion of its audit of his trust accounts.


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