“Representation Matters” has been popular over the past few years. Businesses and organizations have shifted their brands and marketing campaigns to include more members of the LGBT community.

The same term lends itself to the Black Box Theater in Lake Park with the introduction of their Super Gay LGBTQ Film Festival.  

“Growing up as a kid, I didn’t see a lot of queer representation on TV or in films. One of the only figures we could relate to was Will and Jack from ‘Will and Grace,’” said Manager and Event Coordinator Jeffrey Huff. “I love the show, but these were caricatures of what it meant to be gay. Those images didn’t really show me exactly what gay life was about. I definitely think I could’ve benefitted by seeing more people like me on the screen as a child. That's why this festival is so important.”  

The Black Box Theater was opened in August 2015 by owner Randy Singer, Larry Berfond, and Scott Levine. This 275-seat venue space provides entertainment in a very comfortable, New York style. BBT (Lake Park) is conveniently located in the Kelsey Theater. Fans of the theater have been treated to tribute shows dedicated to Tina Turner, a comedy by comedian Kathrine Blanford, an AC/DC Tribute, and a Hocus Pocus Drag Tribute.  

“I've been working there for about five months, one of the first things I wanted to tackle was this festival,” said Huff. “So far it has been very interesting. This is not my normal field of work, this is the first time I've run a theater or done anything with event coordination, but I'm really excited about what the event could turn into. I think the city of Lake Park and Palm Beach County will like the atmosphere we have created. We are thankful to the owner Randy Singer for letting us do this event.” 

This will not be your ordinary LGBT movie night. The staff has hand-picked a fine selection of films that are expected to engage the audience and provide good memories. For the month of December, BBT will show movies such as “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” “A Christmas Story,” and more.

“I tried to pick movies that you would not normally see in a film festival, I wanted something a bit different,” said Huff. “It was important to have movies that were from an older era, like “Birdcage,” but then I wanted to bring in the new films as well like “Carol,” just to broaden the palette a little bit.  

When it comes to the city of Lake Park, there are not tons of LGBT-related events. The staff at BBT is looking for the film festival to be an ongoing project. November was the first month of the festival. If attendance grows, then the event will grow even bigger. All are welcome to attend. This festival is not geared just toward those in the LGBT community. BBT has curated a space for movie lovers and fans of good cinema in general.  

Movie lovers can look forward to the film festival every Thursday. Showtimes range anywhere from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or two hours before show time on Monday through Friday. Tickets are sold at the Box Office, online, or walk in and one of the staff members will assist you. BBT also has a delicious menu that consists of gourmet snacks and pastries. They also have a bar that serves beer, wine, premium liquor, and specialty cocktails. You can call the box office personnel at 561-483-9036 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.