On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the Columbarium and Memorial Chapel on the campus of Fort Lauderdale’s Sunshine Cathedral will formally open. The columbarium is a consecrated memorial for the cremated remains of loved ones and their pets. This new location will serve as a place for bereaved individuals to honor and remember their loved ones.

“We felt it would answer a need that our LGBT community had - to find a sacred place to place the remains of our loved ones, including our pets,” says Dr. Keith Muller, Chair of the Sunshine Cathedral Foundation. “While other facilities were available none are as close to our LGBT community as Sunshine Cathedral. Therefore the Sunshine Cathedral Foundation elected to proceed with this project.”

The response so far has been very positive. The new burial space has 141 spaces so far 40 have been claimed. “People are very pleased to have this option at our church,” says Muller.

The columbarium is located in the courtyard next to the social hall and chapel. Most niches are large enough for two urns and smaller ones large enough for one urn. The niches are available with either a glass or marble front.

While the columbarium is on the grounds of the Sunshine Cathedral and those who are active in the Sunshine Cathedral community and their loved ones are given preferential consideration for securing a niche, anyone who wishes to be interred at the Sunshine Cathedral Columbarium and Memorial Chapel may inquire about the possibility. “We hope to extend our reach to the larger community beginning with the dedication ceremony on Feb 10th. The space will allow us to expand as needed,” Muller adds.