Sunshine Cathedral Houses Pet Cemetery  

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Back in May, SFGN’sspecial “Furever Friends” issue about pets touched many people. Many animal lovers don’t want their special bond with a four-legged family member to end, even at death.  

It’s possible to spend eternity with your pet, if you choose.  The Sunshine Cathedral has created a columbarium on campus that is open to the public, as well as church members. A columbarium is a building where you intern cremated remains. A columbarium is composed of small wall spaces, called niches. Each niche is about the size of an urn. 

“Pets are very important to us,” said Keith Muller, Vice Chair, Sunshine Cathedral Foundation. “Most public cemeteries will not allow animal remains to be placed alongside human remains. But a church can do that. And we thought our community would like to have their pets cremated and placed inside the columbarium, separately or with them.”

Sunshine Cathedral has a handful of members who have done that. There are 140 niches in the columbarium. More than half are sold, and a few pet lovers have already purchased spaces for their pet urns. 

 “Pets are members of the family,” Mullersaid. “They are very dear, especially in our membership. I wish that when we had this option when our Maltese passed on. 

For more information on the pet internment at the Sunshine Cathedral columbarium, please visit speak to a minister at the church for details on how to purchase.