Lunch may be the most underrated meal of the day. Often scarfed down over your desk while working, it can be nothing more than a refueling stop to get you through the day.

But it’s a meal that should be enjoyed, with good friends and delicious entreés. Now, after nearly two years, a group is ready to “do lunch” together again.

SilverServe Lunches are restarting Dec. 10 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and continuing on the 2nd Friday of the month going forward.

“The luncheon serves LGBT seniors in the community,” Lisa Peters said.

As SunServe’s director of Senior Services, she knows it’s important for seniors to get out and be part of the community.

“A couple of months ago as the booster shot was readily available to the senior population, I sent out a survey if the seniors who have attended this event in the past would be willing to attend now live and in person. The responses were overwhelming in favor of attending.”

SunServe gets donors to sponsor the lunch, and the menu changes each month as they work with local restaurants. The luncheons have been on hiatus since COVID hit in March 2020.

Like before, lunch is served at ArtServe at 1350 E. Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Besides serving as an opportunity to catch up with friends, they also discuss relevant topics, such as medical marijuana and how to have sex after hip surgery. The lunch is free, but people are asked to register so they can know how much food to prepare.

Peters is looking forward to lunch as much as the participants.

“I have missed my seniors and am so excited about seeing them again this week.”