Florida Atlantic University Lambda United and Student Government held a rally Nov.14 in support of the FAU Board of Trustees adding sexual orientation to the University Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Although the Board is set to vote on the issue Nov. 16, many of the speakers at the rally expressed concern about the exclusion of gender identity and gender expression.

“Most people don't discriminate on sexual orientation, they discriminate on expression,” said FAU graduate student Amy Milin.

Ryan Ebanks, Governor of FAU’s Boca Raton campus, encouraged the Board to listen to the students.

FAU is currently one of two universities in the state of Florida that does not include sexual orientation to the anti-discrimination policy. The addition of sexual orientation to the policy has been a work in progress since 2009, and since September some students have been trying to add gender identity and gender expression to the policy as well.

Frank Gorritz, president of Lambda United stated that “Regardless of weather it passes or not, I will continue to be an activist for LGBTQA rights and I will not rest until gender identity and gender expression gets included in the anti discrimination bill.”