He is a tall man, well over 6-feet, and can typically be found in the middle of important political discussions in Broward County. A practicing attorney for 36 years, Ceasar has served on committees for the Anti-Defamation League, Urban League and proudly marched in gay pride parades when it was considered a risky thing to do.

“It was the right thing to do,” said Ceasar, who owns a plaque commemorating his participation in the 1997 Fort Lauderdale Pridefest.

A married straight man and father, Ceasar is currently running for the Broward Clerk of the Courts. He says there are sexier positions to run for, but the office needs help and coming to the community’s aid is what he has always done.

"I was first introduced to Mitch in 1997, when it wasn't fashionable to be seen with homosexuals. Back then we had the gay pride parade on Federal Highway and it flowed right into Holiday Park. Mitch was very proud to be there. He showed his true colors," said Michael Albetta, past president Dolphin Democrats.

Prior to seeking public office, Ceasar ran the Broward Democratic Party for two decades and currently serves on the national Democratic Executive Committee.