Broward Mayor Marty Kiar has a lot going for him.

A husband and father of two young girls, Kiar, 38, is campaigning for the Broward County Property Appraiser, one of the top positions in county government.

“I believe Marty Kiar is one amazing person that brings passion to our county,” said Scott Herman, a married gay man and active member of the Dolphin Democrats. “He believes like I do with principles over politics, in that no people should be lumped and viewed in a discriminatory view.”

As a Broward Commissioner, Kiar voted to extend human rights protections to people who identify as LGBT. Additionally, he has routinely accepted invitations to speak at Dolphin meetings to update LGBT Democrats of county happenings. As Broward Mayor, Kiar said he intends to make his work upbeat.

"This year, as Mayor, I determined that our county’s theme will be the ‘Year of Good News.’ At commission meetings we bring good news to the public by highlighting the successes of our county, local businesses, residents who are good samaritans and other positive happenings,” he wrote in a recent Facebook posting.