Since serving as a Broward County commissioner Lois Wexler has been a champion for the needy, vulnerable and underserved communities from those with substance abuse problems, mental health issues, the elderly and of course the LGBT community.

Wexler championed the Broward County Human Rights Act Ordinance and voted in favor of expanding the ordinance in 2006 to include gender expression or identity. She also successfully passed a revised Domestic Partnership Act to provide domestic partners the ability to participate in funeral and burial decisions, participate in education of the dependent of their domestic partner, and reciprocity for domestic partnerships that were lawfully entered into in another jurisdiction.

"I have always believed in a sense of fairness and treating everyone as I would want to be treated,” she said. “Discrimination, in any form, is unacceptable to me. I have consistently used my capacity as an elected official to promote equality for all.”

Local LGBT rights activist Michael Rajner added, “Lois began her public service as a school board member and stood up for our community when homophobic bigots attacked the school board for rolling out a groundbreaking video to help educate students highlighting LGBT families. Each year she has motioned to ensure the interests of the LGBT and HIV/AIDS community were better represented in the county's state and federal legislative agenda's. While I'm grateful to have the honor to serve as Lois' appointee to the Broward County Human Rights Board, I especially proud of her focus on human services to support the needs of all residents.”