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Kathleen Cannon sees beyond equality with the LGBT community. She sees opportunities to improve the entire community, straight and gay.

“I’ve sought out opportunities to work with the gay community. They’re invested in the community and agents of change,” said Cannon, president and CEO of United Way of Broward. Previously, she worked at Center One, a now defunct HIV/AIDS non-profit, and was COO of Broward House.

“I’ve done HIV/AIDS work most of my career. I’m a social worker by trade, and back in the late 90s I was doing an internship at one of the public schools. They didn’t have a gay-straight alliance. I started the first.”

Robert Boo, CEO of The Pride Center said, “I’ve known Kathleen for 10 years when she was at Broward House. She’s been a staunch ally for as long as I’ve known her. She’s supported our community. Made sure we have funding available. Plus, she’s just the nicest person you’ll ever want to be around. She’s genuinely nice and kind. She’s perfect for what she’s doing at United Way…bringing the whole community together.”

“To me, it’s a privilege that I’m accepted in the gay community,” said Cannon.