Straight Ally: James K. Green

James K. Green has been involved in equal rights actions for LGBT people since the early 1980s when a gay client wanted to adopt his partner to create a family which they were denied since they couldn’t marry. He won with lots more to come.

“Of course I had gay friends in college and law school,” he said. “It was just no big deal to me as a person. Of course, as a lawyer, I was very concerned with their equality.”

Green is probably best known to the LGBT community for his work on overturning the Florida ban on gay and lesbian adoptions with the case in Monroe County in 1990. “What a silly law that was,” said Green. “There are so many kids in Florida who need a good home.”

Green is encouraged by the steps the U.S. has taken toward LGBT equality, and noted that equality is now even showing up in far flung places like China’s courts.

President of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Rand Hoch added, “Over the years, ACLU attorney Jim Green has been an instrumental ally for Florida's LGBT community. For more than two decades, he has been a vocal advocate of equal rights and benefits for LGBT people in Florida.”

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