Wire Magazine Honors MDGLCC President with Prestigious Award

Last week, Wire Magazine declared Steve Adkins, President and CEO of the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce ‘Person of the Year’. Publishers Rafa Carvajal and Thomas Barker surprised Adkins with the declaration.


“It is an honor to be included among such an esteemed group of successful business leaders,” Adkins states. “These past 18 months will hold a very special place among many fine memories. With the opening of the LGBT Visitor Center, my greatest satisfaction will be knowing that Michael Aller will have a lasting legacy in Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade LGBT community has a place to call home.”

In a recent issue of Wire, Barker praises Adkins. “We have been so impressed by the incredible work and accomplishment of Steve Adkins in supporting the community, we decided to name him Wire Magazine’s Person of the Year,” he states.

Adkins does not accept full credit for the achievement. “This was a team effort for which I recognize Michael Vita, Jorge Richa and George Neary among many others. Especially, I want to thank Rafa and Thomas at Wire Magazine for recognizing our Chamber accomplishments for 2010,” he tells SFGN.