Check out the new show Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.

“Get Out! South Florida, took to the airwaves this month on AM 1230 – WBZT. According to founder and co-host, Tom Hantzarides this is the only LGBT radio show in all of Florida.

“I was surprised when I got down here and discovered that even South Florida, with its large gay population, didn’t have a radio outlet specifically for our community.”

This is actually the second launch for GET OUT! South Florida, which aired briefly on Saturday mornings at the end of 2014.

“We’ve a stronger signal,” Hantzarides said. “And a better time slot. Audiences can now hear us from Port St. Lucie to Hallandale and we’ll be airing the show from 7 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays - not competing with weekend distractions.”

The show has a mixed suite of offerings from interviews with South Florida LGBT movers and shakers to broadcasting from a variety of venues of interest to the LGBT audiences.

Hantzarides mentioned that in its earlier incarnation, GET OUT! South Florida included broadcasts from the Palm Beach Opera and from the Maltz Theatre where the show was a sponsor of the annual “pride night” program.

They were also on the scene of the gay marriage movement in Florida with an interview with plaintiffs Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones whose lawsuit against the Monroe County clerk precipitated the adjudication in favor of LGBT civil rights.

“We’re open for suggestions,” Hantzarides said. “We want to deliver a show that’s as diverse and interesting as the South Florida gay community is.”

“We pick a topic for the week and then explore it many different ways,” Hantzarides said. “Sometimes it’s with interviews, sometimes it’s call-in.”

“We’re planning shows on honeymoons in South Florida, transgender issues, stereotypes, just to name a few,” he continued.

The co-hosts are almost as diverse as the audience they hope to attract. Hantzarides is from New York and claims a “lifetime of radio.” Rumsey is from rural Georgia and co-hosts the show with a southern eye and occasional twang. Hantzarides opens the hour with “Five Things You Should Know!” and Rumsey closes it with “’Kendall’s Thing (pronounced “thayng), ’featuring whatever I want to share with listeners that day,” he said.

Right now the show hosts are buying the time on the air but they’ve already had some advertisers sign on and they expect more. “The LGBT market is huge, diverse and loyal,” Hantzarides said. “This is a good way to reach that audience.”

According to Hantzarides, listeners will have a variety of ways to hear the show outside of their AM radios. It’s available online at​ or through the iHeartRadio app for android and iPhones.

1230AM WBZT is an iHeartMedia radio station. The show will be broadcast live each week from iHeartMedia's studios in West Palm Beach.