Taylor Blake runs Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida. While the farm isn’t open to the public, her public social media accounts have been enjoyed by millions of people over the past few days as several videos of hers have gone viral.

While showing off some of the adorable cows, deer, swans, and other farm animals, the farm’s emu Emmanuel, who seems to own the place, curiously walks into the camera shots, approaches the camera and interrupts Blake’s videos.

“Emmanuel, don’t do it,” she pleads with the giant bird, but he stands there anyway, sometimes even pecking at the camera, knocking it to the ground. Other large birds named Ellen and Regina cause similar havoc while an adorable deer occasionally bites her arm while filming.

The videos are wildly popular on Instagram and TikTok, often garnering tens or hundreds of thousands of views.

Last Friday, however, Twitter user @p4ndr_ posted a compilation video of Emmanuel interrupting Blake with the caption, “Holy crap this is wonderful.” That video has since been shared almost 200,000 times and has received over 22 million views. Some of Blake’s recent TikTok videos have since exploded to similar numbers. 

But in addition to posting adorable and hilarious animal videos, Blake is quite open about her sexuality on her personal Instagram page and her farm’s TikTok account, discussing both her pride, as well as struggles while traveling with her partner in places that aren’t so LGBT-friendly. 

“Idk who needs to hear this but I am a lesbian,” she wrote in a tweet pinned to the top of her Twitter page. 

On her personal Instagram, Blake describes herself as a “Jesus-loving, mildly funny lesbian.” In an FAQ section on that page, she discussed traveling with her partner through certain areas of the country. 

The anonymous poster asked: “How do you handle safety as two queer women traveling to unsafe/homophobic areas?” 

“This question makes me sad, but it's very real. It breaks my heart that Kristian and I have to be extremely aware of each and every area we pass through,” Blake responds. “It's scary enough being two women on the road, but being gay adds an entirely new level of fear. These are things we've become accustomed to, so much so that it has become second nature. It's this unspoken understanding that each of us has.” 

“No holding hands. No kissing. No hugging. No showing of affection whatsoever,” she continues. “We make sure we aren't wearing our hats with rainbow pins in certain areas. We scan our surroundings before we take photos together. No calling each other ‘Babe’ or ‘Baby’ in public. Constant awareness of our surroundings. Standing far enough apart to ensure we don't look like we’re ‘together.’” 

And just in case: “We also carry pepper spray everywhere we go.” 

In one video, she declares her independence and eschews any help from men trying to mask romantic interest as an offer of assistance. 

“Every time a man sees my video, it’s always like, ‘you know, if you were my girl, you’d never have to carry another bag of food again, I’d carry every bag of feed,’” she says in one video, in a mock southern accent. “First of all, b***h,” she continues, in her normal voice, “I have a wagon!” 

“Bold of you to think I need you to carry my feed. I have a wagon and it’s four-wheel-drive,” she says, as she pulls a heavy-duty wagon into the frame. “It goes through the mud, the muck, and the cow turds. A man. You honestly think-? A man? God!” 

South Florida Gay News reached out to Blake for an interview through her various social media channels but did not immediately hear back.