It wasn’t a surprise when the House of Representatives passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which will officially repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and require the federal government to recognize same-sex and interracial marriages.

But it was a surprise that 47 Republicans joined every Democrat in the House to pass the legislation 267–157. Six of those Republicans hail from Florida with all four South Florida Republican members of the House voting in favor of the legislation.

Those four are Miami-Dade Reps Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar; as well as Palm Beach County Rep. Brian Mast.

According to the ACLU this vote was the “most pro-LGBTQ vote in Congressional history.”

Democrats are hopeful they will be able to find 10 Republican votes in the Senate to break a filibuster and pass the legislation. According to CNN there are currently five Republicans who have indicated they will support the bill.

But Florida’s two Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have not indicated they will support the bill. Scott told CNN he is taking a wait-and-see approach while Rubio called the bill a “stupid waste of time.”