Dean Trantalis not only celebrated a birthday last week, the former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner is going to try his hand at talk radio, hosting a weekly Sunday evening show which debuts October 30, the night Wilton Manors will host its signature Halloween event at Hagen Park. Disregard Dean’s ads, which read ‘WFLT.’ He does not use us to copy edit. It’s on WFTL 850 AM at 9 pm. Dean’s got some tough competition. On the same evening, the ‘Pink Church’, (the First Presbyterian in Pompano) will be hosting its ‘Halloween MONSTER CONCERT’ - Terrifying Toccatas & Haunting Harmonies- on the Great Pipe Organ at 7 pm.

Joey Amato, the former managing editor, is doing well in Nashville as the Editor of OMG Magazine. Congratulations to the entertainment publication, Hotspots, for earning a media award from the Dolphin Democrats, who will be hosting their annual dinner this weekend, written about on another page in this issue. Speaking of which, the former classified manager of Hotspots, well-liked Mike Trottier will be joining the staff of SFGN as the Sales Manager. John Fugate will be promoted to the role of National Marketing Manager as prepares for the New Year with its debut of a new site, Meanwhile, Sebastian Fortino is leaving SFGN to work on some fiction writing, but SFGN is emboldened by the freelance contributions of new writers Denise Royal, Victoria Michaels, and David McNaught. Also want to throw praise on Brian Swinford, for his open and honest first-person ‘Catch My Breath’ features, the second of which appears today. If there is a story you think we should cover, or you want to write, email our Editor in Chief Jason Parsley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. is asking my assistance in helping them create a news story about the number of Floridians thrown onto the ADAP waiting list for AIDS medications, and the consequences and havoc this has created in the community. If you want to tell your story, please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There has been no greater terror visited upon HIV patients then being denied accessibility to their medicines. Congratulations to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation for repeatedly standing up to this injustice and to The South Florida Human Rights Campaign for hosting a forum on the issue this past Monday at the Pride Center at Equality Park. By the way, if you are looking for low priced costumes for Halloween, check out AHF’s ‘Out of the Closet’ Thrift stores for scarily low prices.

We have frequently written about the World Erotic Arts Museum, and can offer nothing but warm applause for the recognition recently awarded to Dr. Naomi Wilzig, ‘Honoris Causa Doctor of Arts in Erology.’ Congratulations too are in order for Drew Miller and the first GLBX luncheon at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas, which featured Wilton Manors mayor, Gary Resnick, addressing the issues of ‘domestic partnerships’ being offered in more and more cities.

Ben Cohen was a hit at the Fontainbleu Hotel last Saturday where he spoke at the National Task Force dinner in Miami. He took his kindnesses and presence north to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, telling his story at a reception hosted by a group of community and business leaders at the residence of Val Marmillion and Juan Pisani.  The host committee members included Craig Smith, Rafael Rodriquez, Joe Guerrero, Don Brust, Heine Lund, Neilus Scannel and Robert Nuzzo.

We get many press releases and have to sift through which to publish, but from the Michigan based ‘Whirlpool Corporation’ it seems 8 of their employees have to their credit released ‘It Gets Better’ anti-bullying videos. Going to buy a washer or dryer soon? The company, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next month, has earned a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality index for more than seven years. Support those who support you. Especially our advertisers. We need them, and they need you, and they help us bring you the news.