Jason Burns, the Development Officer for the Pride Center at Equality Park has been appointed to The Broward County School Board's Diversity Committee by Board Member Katie LeachMichael Rajner at the United States Conference on AIDS in Chicago last week, seen wearing a media badge, not reading SFGN, but ‘Troublemaker.’ Gotta’ love the kid… Meanwhile, no such pressures for Howard Andrew of FabScout Entertainment, enjoying a Caribbean Cruise.


Last week I proudly announced that Lipton Toyota would be joining our family of advertisers, but I forgot to thank Comcast, whose diversity outreach in our community is ever so commendable. They had our back page two weeks ago, and are coming back again in January.  Happy to also add that the Marlins are coming back to us as well, though they officially became the Miami Marlins last week. I have ordered up my partial season ticket package, have you?

Especially proud to say that we are also having a national college contract for a full page ad to promote their university. Going to hold back and surprise you on that one…And special thanks to Wilton Manors Doggie Day Care, who will be running with us weekly, featuring their star ‘Pet of the Week.’ Start lining up your pet portrait soon. Speaking of which, nice poster at Rosie’s on Wilton Drive about why dogs are better than men.

A few months ago we ran a feature on ‘Davey Wavey.’ Funny kid, and now a cute Facebook feature on ‘How to Meet Gay Men.’ On the other hand, if you wanted to help abused and neglected disadvantaged youth, (HANDY) you would have joined George Castrataro last Thursday at an event he sponsored for the organization at Market 17. Nice too of Sweet Tomatoes to sponsor a party at the Manor to benefit Sunserve this past Monday.

Speaking of parties, if John Evans and his partner Steve throw any more, I am going to get a bedroom in their Barcelona Isle cottage. The gentlemen hosted Equality Florida sponsors this past weekend, and will also open their home for the GLAAD Gala in December.

Congratulations to Nate Klarfield, formerly at the Stonewall Library. He will take over the role of head of the Broward Steering Committee for Equality Florida. Phillip Dearborn is stepping aside after a job well done.

Wanted to thank David Jacovitz for joining the family of advertisers on SFGN. For the past ten years, David had been working as a local litigation counsel for banking institutions, working with many gay couples. He has now started a new law practice in the field of estate planning, and we want to wish him the best of luck.