Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the nation’s only nonprofit organization focused exclusively on ending workplace discrimination for LGBT employees, and Brian McNaught, the world’s leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with LGBT issues in the workplace, have joined together to host a webinar entitled “Taking Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality from Theory to Reality.”  Brian, an SFGN columnist, is also on the Board of Directors of the Stonewall Library. His webinar will be held Sept. 7 and 14. Go to OutAndEqual.org for more info.


The National Gay Pilots Association Education Fund awarded $22,000 in scholarships this week to five students pursing careers as professional pilots. Since its inception in 1996, NGPA-EF has awarded $139,000 in scholarships to 46 students. And most of you have probably never heard of them.

This year, for the first time, the NGPA Education Fund awarded an endowed scholarship of $7,000 to one student, in memory of David M. Charlebois, an NGPA member who lost his life while serving as First Officer on American Airlines Flight #77 which was hijacked by Al-Qaeda and crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Amongst the NGPA-EF scholarship winners is Michelle Yates, pursuing an Airline Transport Pilot rating at a flight school in Florida

Christina Santiago, a well-known LGBT advocate and the manager of programming for Howard Brown Health Center's Lesbian Community Care Project, was amongst those who perished Aug. 13 when strong winds toppled a concert stage at the Indiana State Fair, killing five.

Santiago's partner, Alisha Marie Brennon, survived, but with severe neck and head injuries.

In The Life Media, the organization that pioneered LGBT visibility on television, has announced it will honor Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart and ABSOLUT Vodka at In The Life Media's 20th Anniversary Red Carpet Season Premiere on Sept. 26 in New York City.

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger, who visited with SFGN a few months ago, is going to submit a complaint against Fox News to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, objecting to his unfortunate exclusion from the Aug. 11 Iowa presidential debate.

On the other hand, at the state level, all four leading Florida Republicans seeking their party’s nomination for U.S. Senate came out against marriage equality during a debate in Orlando last week.

Former U.S. senator George LeMieux, former state representative Adam Hasner, retired Army colonel Mike McCalister and former Ruth’s Chris CEO Craig Miller all said they oppose embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage and civil unions, providing gays and lesbians protection under hate crime laws, Internet gambling and the recent deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. After all, let’s not let science get in the way of their delusions.

Speaking of the White House, I head to Washington, D.C., on Monday, to join in as part of the defense team representing activist DADT protestor Dan Choi, charged with disobeying directives of the Park Service by chaining himself to the White House fence last October. The bench trial starts Monday. Wish me luck. No, wait- wish him luck.

On a more local note, Laurie Whittaker and Sidelines have unfortunately entered into a legal battle with Martin Kildea over their respective shares in the popular Wilton Drive bar. Whittaker’s counsel, James Pedley, has already filed a motion to dismiss and motion for summary judgment, claiming that as a convicted felon, Kildea never had, and was never entitled to an ownership interest. It’s business as usual though for Whittaker and Sidelines, sending three softball teams to the gay World Series next week in Chicago.

Robert Kohl, already on probation for fraud charges, walked into a bank last week and claimed to a teller he needed money “because his daughter was being kidnapped.” Uh, yeah. What was he thinking? What he needs is an attorney for bank fraud and robbery. No bond hold.