On Tuesday, July 19, a scene for an upcoming sitcom was filmed in the Shoppes at Wilton Manors by Hollywood-based production company Chaos Films.

“It’s about two men. One was a film producer, the other was an advertising executive. They were doing well until the economy tanked. So, when they lost their jobs, they decided to go into the business of bumming because they were bumming their whole lives, pitching projects and ideas to people,” said the show’s producer and first assistant director Rose Warner. “When they aren’t bumming they actually live in beautiful homes.”


The crew also filmed in front of the Poverello thrift store, and according to Warner they hope to continue filming here.

“I chose the location because I like the area,” said Warner. “I feel safe here, and I like the whole feel of Wilton Manors, and the Shoppes. In a way it feels very European, yet it’s an area that has been overlooked in terms of shooting, which is tragic, because it’s so charming!”

She chose the location for Bummed Out because typical South Florida locations—such as South Beach—have been over-filmed. The show, which is itself being pitched to entertainment executives, has not found a home on the airwaves yet. Warner would love to see the show picked up by a major network, but admits that often comes with surrendering some creative control.

“The content is very diverse, and sometimes the networks don’t want that. So if we have to go to cable we will. We don’t want to streamline our work,” said Warner, of Boynton Beach.

When and if the show gets a green light for future production, Warner beamed about returning to film in Wilton Manors and the friendly nature of our neighbors.

“When I tell people where I am shooting, they are often shocked, or ask ‘where’s that?’ I find it safe, clean, with a great aesthetic appeal. The people here—the Poverello management, and the staff and customers at Java Boys—have all been very accommodating,” she told SFGN. “A lot of people let you shoot on location, but aren’t very kind.”

So if you chance to see a film crew out on the Drive, be kind and maintain our reputation as a friendly town.

For more information on the production company behind Bummed Out, visit Chaosfilms.com