Art and inspiration are in the air and on the streets of Wilton Manors. You may have noticed street signs with inspiring, thoughtful messages on them around Wilton Manors. They are part of the art sign.2018 project. If the signs made you smile and inspired you to share the message with others, it’s by design.

At first glance, the signs appear to be the usual street signs you’d see anywhere. But the art sign.2018 installation is much more. Each sign contains an uplifting, emotive message. There are a total of 100 signs, 20 quotes, divided into four categories that tell the story of Wilton Manors—inspiration, nature, humor, and equality.

Art sign.2018 is the first project of Wilton Art, a group created by three members to create public art for the city of Wilton Manors. Ron Falk, Matt Gill, and Ken Stone created Wilton Art through a community partnership with the City of Wilton Manors, Island City Art Advisory Committee, Art Gallery 21 and volunteers. The Island City Art Advisory Committee was created as part of a citywide initiative to bring art to the public. The vision of Wilton Art is to engage, entice, innovate and interact with art.

Art sign.2018 is set up in such a way that people can walk around the city to see them all. Nearly all of the signs are on Wilton Manors’ streets or city parking lots.

“The reaction has been amazing,” Falk said. “People are asking how they can get some of the signs. I think it’s really cool.”

Art sign. 2018 is the first of what is expected to be several projects funded by Wilton Art. For more information, visit