Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said he doesn't condone the Facebook satire about Caitlyn Jenner written by one of his top officials, Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo, and hopes people don't think it reflects on the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Israel, who was on his way to a Dolphin Democrats meeting Wednesday night where he expected the controversy to come up, said he'd defend Castillo's right to free speech — including telling critics to "go f--- themselves.'' But he personally steers away from it, he said.

"I just don't joke about religion or things that could be personally sensitive to people,'' he said. "I don't find it funny. It's just not something I do. I don't condone it.''

Castillo, who regularly posts policy-driven status updates followed by the word "discuss,'' stepped into a fire ant's nest when he posted about Caitlyn Jenner, after athlete Bruce Jenner announced he was transitioning to a woman.

First, according to the South Florida Gay News, Castillo posted that "she's better looking than Rudy Giuliani.''

Then he posted:

"I have an announcement to make. After considerable thought, I've decided to remain a guy. Now, I know this defies all conventional wisdom, trends and styles. Yet I've considered my decision carefully and just feel it will be better for all concerned. In the days ahead, I ask for your help and support. Staying a guy is not an easy choice to make but in reaching this difficult decision I hope all of you will understand that I really think this is the best choice I can make for me. (satire added, no extra charge). Discuss."

Among those criticizing Castillo on Facebook was Democratic operative Jack Shifrel, who said Castillo's sarcasm or satire could be hurtful to some.

Castillo responded that he doesn't 'give a rat's a—'' what Shifrel's reaction is to Castillo's "series'' of thought-provoking status updates.

"But in this country, I have the right to say whatever I wish, in the manner I choose for the purposes I select and in the way I think is right,'' Castillo wrote. "Anybody who doesn't like me doing that they can go f--- themselves. Is that clear enough?''

(Click here to see that Facebook post. Warning: profanity.)

Israel said those comments didn't violate any BSO policies.

"We do not have any rules or policies that prohibit employees from using profanity in their personal lives,''' he said. But he went on to say that Castillo speaks "as an individual and as an elected official. He doesn't speak for me or for the Broward Sheriff's Office.''

Israel hired Castillo in 2013, tapping him for assistant director of administration but deciding to name him executive director of finance instead. Then Castillo took a voluntary demotion and pay cut to be director of strategic planning and research, reporting to an executive director in that office. His wife is the sheriff's right hand person, his chief of staff.

"His views and my views don't mirror each other,'' the sheriff said.

I called Castillo for comment and will update this if I hear back. He blocked this reporter from his Facebook page after the Sun Sentinel's inquiry to the sheriff.