SFGN Site Shut Down by "Overuse"

Some may have noticed on Wednesday morning, June 16, that the SFGN website was down. Panic set in for many of us until we found out that the experience was what we can chalk up to "growing pains".According to administrators at our hosting company, in an email sent to Publisher Norm Kent, our website "consumes a very high percentage of the server resources and thus affects the performance of the whole shared server. We have conducted a detailed investigation which showed that your website is heavily visited and due to the high number of visits and processes launched, your account consumes most of the server's CPU resources and eventually overloads the server."

For this reason, error messages were delivered until we secured a solution that could provide for our heavy traffic on the site. SFGN took immediate steps to upgrade to a dedicated server capable of handling the bandwidth and size necessary and sufficient to meet the demands placed on it. "We are fortunate to have a problem like this," said Kent, comparing it to a new nightclub which just opened up and does not have enough parking. "What this says is people are looking forward to the newspaper and our online readership is huge," he added.

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