Here are SFGN’s most-read local news stories for 2021 in case you missed it.

Racism Rears Its Ugly Head at Wilton Area Clubs

People living in and around Wilton Manors like to believe that they live in a bubble of acceptance and tolerance.

That perceived bubble has burst.

Local Gay Man Sues Bank of America for $1 Million


The former marketing director of SFGN, John Fugate, thought his short jaunt to San Juan last month would be a great respite after a year of surviving pandemically compromised times.

Local Entertainer RaeJean Cox Dies After Car Accident


Earl Bunning, known throughout South Florida as Drag Queen extraordinaire RaeJean Cox, passed away. His death was announced on Aug. 25, nearly three weeks after a horrific car crash.

Has Hamburger Mary's Come Back to Haunt Rosie's Bar & Grill?


What happens when a Hamburger Mary’s franchise opens across the street from a former Hamburger Mary’s?

For John Zieba, co-owner of Rosie’s Bar & Grill in Wilton Manors, the result, lately, has been an amusing revival of old rumors, bitter breakups and an oddly persistent local urban legend.

In This Together: Wilton Elementary Community Supports Rosie's


Rosie’s Bar & Grill has supported and engaged the students of Wilton Manors Elementary for years.

Now they’re leaning on each other as both absorb withering attacks fueled by right-wing media.

George Castrataro - How a Prominent Gay Attorney Became an Accused Criminal


When George Castrataro told Bill Roddy the post office lost all the inheritance checks supposedly mailed to family, friends, and charities, Roddy sensed something was fishy.

Royal Poetical Starz, a Trans Woman of Color, Gunned Down in Miami Gardens


A 26-year-old Black transgender woman from Pompano Beach was gunned down and killed Oct. 2 inside her Hummer on a residential Miami Gardens street.

Craig Jungwirth (Still) Won't Go Away - Continues to Harass Community


Craig Jungwirth. By now just the mention of that name will make almost any gay man in South Florida cringe. 

The man, who was once arrested, and made national news, by threatening to harm the Wilton Manors LGBT community with a “Pulse” like the attack in 2016, continues to harass local queer men.

Eyewitnesses Recount Horror at Pride


Whoosh. That’s what Nicholas Coppola vividly remembers as the truck barreled past him, after striking three pedestrians, and then careening across the road into a plant nursery.

Outcry Over Land Use Changes on Wilton Manors Eastside


Despite vocal public objections, Wilton Manors’ Planning & Zoning Board approved the expansion of the transit-oriented corridor.